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1 Transcript cost is calculated both at per-minute and per-line rates, and you are billed whichever cost is less.

2 Most MTSOs store client data on non-Canadian servers.

Medical transcription service organizations (MTSOs) employ trained medical transcriptionists (MTs) to transcribe clinic notes dictated by doctors at hospitals across North America. Proficient MTs listen to sentences laden with complex medical terminology and accurately transcribe this highly technical spoken content with proper grammar throughout.

Purity transcriptionists are a rigorously screened subset of certified MTs, selected from the same workforce recruited by premium MTSOs, who bring their transcribing skills, knowledge base, and years of multidisciplinary experience to your transcripts on any topic, including medical, pharmaceutical, and scientific topics. In contrast, many transcription companies employ general typists with mediocre standards. At Purity, our adept MTs bring their sophisticated skill sets, training, and experience to your work at a cost significantly less than that of a conventional MTSO.

Our transcriptionists have been stringently screened and tested to meet our high standard of excellence, including a proven ability to research diverse subjects and terminologies to transcribe content on any topic accurately and professionally.

Financially, Purity offers a win-win: Our select MTs receive an important source of income in this era when hospital MT positions are scarce, while you benefit from their broad experience and distinguished merits at a substantial cost savings.

Our Low-Cost Guarantee: Most transcription companies charge either per line of text typed (best value with slow talking) or per audio minute typed (best value with fast talking). At Purity, transcript cost is calculated using both rates, per-line and per-minute, and you are charged whichever amount is less, guaranteeing you the lowest cost on every transcript regardless of speaking cadence. These cost calculations are displayed clearly on your invoice, with your savings highlighted.

Purity MTs safeguard all client data as sensitive PHI and are contract-bound to ensure that confidentiality and file security are strictly maintained throughout the transcription process, with all data files purged within 30 days.

Purity servers and protocols are PHIPA & PIPEDA compliant.