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About Us

Purity offers a budget-friendly alternative to both overpriced “specialized” transcription companies and lackluster “general” transcription companies that employ amateur typists with substandard grammar skills, reliability, and file security. Our professional MTs produce transcripts of a quality superior to that of even expensive, specialized transcription services, with the versatility to transcribe recordings on any topic, including medical, pharmaceutical, and scientific topics, at affordable rates.

Importantly, your work provides a win-win opportunity for specialized, hard-working Canadian MTs to make additional income in this era where traditional MT positions are scarce, while you benefit from their premium transcription skills at discounted cost.

FREE TRIAL: 30 minutes transcribed, 100% free, no obligations

Purity MTs safeguard all client data as sensitive PHI and are contract-bound to ensure that confidentiality and file security are strictly maintained throughout the transcription process, with all data files purged within 30 days.